Dear readers, Issue this time the author Burnanuddin write an article The analysis services administration staffing in the areas of Majene According to him the standard of service will need to have a clear benchmark that can use as a reference for action on every State Government organizers. Good service is how to implement the legislation as efficiently as possible, scientific and neutral. Analysis implementation of murabahah accounting especially of manifestation murabaha accouting in BNI Syariah. Design methodology used comparative analysis between accounting theory and practice in syariah banking in describing Firman Menne in Murabahah accounting in BNI syariah Makassar. Syamsu Nujum wrote Model poverty reduction through social and economic institutional empowerment of poor communities in South Sulawesi in this paper Institutional social and institutional Economics that exist in the community in the region Mamminasata South Sulawesi in generally not have the ability to empower the community because it has not received optimal support from the government and private.

Prof., I Made Arya Utama outlines the legal theory undergoes a shift following the perspective of legal scholars from classical times, modern times, and postmodern thinkers. The development Law Theory and Progressive Law Theory that grew up in the Postmodern era seeks to free the minds of the status quo, adopt legal ideas that are in line with the needs of the Indonesian people and the state that is moving in the crossroads of modernization in the article the anomalous legal thought in building an equitable legal theory, continued with the Prof. Abd. Rahman in the writings of Performance accountability of public agencies in the acting government the parse Performance accountability of public bodies meaning widespread not only limited liability in law but also in the field of non-law. Special accountability law imaged through the performance creation of the law, as well as in the implementation of the law as the embodiment of government action. Another author Putra Astomo looked at Based on the description that has presented, then can conclude was supervision of local government to village regulation as stipulated in Minister Regulation No. 111 of 2014 years done in two forms, including evaluation and clarification in article Supervision of local government to village regulation in regional autonomy reviewed theory.

The application of the principles of the convention on women in awig-awig pakraman village is the exposure Ni Nyoman Sukerti study the task of the village in Bali related pakraman by the ratification of the women's Convention into law Number 7 in 1984 about the passage of the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of discrimination against women. The application of criminal sanctions against violations of cybercrime is the description Sulaeman see the era of globalization led to the more sophisticated information technology so that it has brought an impact on the emergence of various forms of crime which affect modern nature greater than the conventional crime. Zainuddin Rahman in the article Analysis of the effect of Economic Growth toward the Center of the overflow Area and Hinterlend in determining Nodal Centre of new growth on the area of Mamminasata in South Sulawesi discuss conducted in Mamminasata District, South Sulawesi Province. This study examines the Economic Effects of the overflow "Pertuhan Against Nodal regions and Hinterland that closed the discussion thoroughly on this edition, Editorial

Published: 2017-11-30