Dear reader, in the first issue of the journal Indonesia prime showing the figure of writers who are experts in their fields, respectively. Author Abd. Rahman wrote about the Direct Election of the Head of the Regionaoutlines various issues and political turmoil in some regions election in Indonesia according to him in the new order era regional head election controversy could not be released from the intervention Center. Usually in the center of the political battle has the absolute power to determine an opponent even though the sound support. The conflict has often happened, regional center but ended with the defeat of the region. Another case with Andi Tira, writing about the Business Healthy In Competition of Partnership lays out principle principles of economic democracy broke through the overall activities of the society and the State, which are embodiment into sectors of the economy who undertakes by the 1945 Constitution as the Foundation of the constitutional business activities in pursuit of national development goals, Baso Madiong in the Analysis Impact of the Expansion of the Region Against Local Community Social Conflict describes the influence of the expansion Area of the cultural values of the community of West Sulawesi province aims to study the mechanisms of the establishment of new autonomous regions, as well as the more health does not ignore the requirements that have been determined and that is not lesscreadiness in the area concerned, both in the aspect of funding, human resources and credibility of the bureaucracy in the management of good governance.

In the explanation of the Analysis of Economic Growth and Shifting Field Sector Efforts in The City of Makassarfull  Hukma Ratu Purnama found influence shifts towards growth sectors of Makassar city and to know the dominant business field sector affects economic growth. Professor Johan Jasin wrote about The Agreement for the Results of The Agricultural Land In The Indigenous Perspective of Gorontalo where he thinks the agreement for agricultural land results in Gorontalo, is customary, not affected by globalization that prioritizes a written document. This custom interesting to be listened to with a focus on description form, content and its implementation.

 Professor Marwan Mas writers on national media Indonesia exposes about the Opaque Portrait of Corruption Eradication Eradication thinks the fight against corruption must not only by expos cases of corruption cases, but the most important thing is to punish corrupt in a remarkable way to have a deterrent effect and cannot be imitated by potential criminals that had been laid out. Study of Zulkifli Makkawaru no less Interestingly about Indonesia copyright position Keeping the Nation's Assets Through the Legal Protection of Copyright Works of Culture cultural arts based on its strength as a nation or community rights over an Alliance grouping of the society which can give the effect of distortions in its protection. The institution can be care of and keep an eye on the interests served by Interstate Implementation of The Policy of Regional Expansion In North Mamuju Regency of West Sulawesi Syamsuddin Maldun research objectives: (1) Analyze and explain the stages of the implementation of the policy of regional expansion, and (2) analyze and explained factors that support the implementation of the policy regional expansion, in order to supported national integration in North Mamuju Regency of West Sulawesi Province. last one e Syamsul Haling serves about The Penalty for the Corruptor in the Sociological Persfektif Idea of social sanctions proposed as a reaction against the growing number of corrupt behavior difficult resolved only through national and international legal instruments. It is time exact type of sanctions was found to tackle corruptor behavior that an already classified as extraordinary crimes

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Published: 2016-11-30