Indonesia Prime en-US (A. Aprasing) (Mr. George Brooke) Wed, 30 Nov 2016 00:00:00 +0000 OJS 60 DIRECT ELECTION OF THE HEAD OF THE REGIONAL <p>A variety of problem and the political turmoil in some regions election last time appears in the event of a State feedback control centre to the area. In the new order era regional chief election controversy cannot be released from the intervention Center. Usually the battle's political elite in Jakarta imposes to the area. When the issue blew up in the area, peyelesaian is the effort, he brought the case to Jakarta. in accordance with the implementation, the Hall of the Central Government has a dominant power in the determination of the head region. legislative involvement only in the process of being formalistic. It is seen clearly in article 15 and 16 regarding the appointment of the head region, where only the legislative vote and the results presented at least two names for approval and/or designation from President to Governor, and Minister of the Interior for Regent and Mayor. The aegis of the Centre to all and sundry, who has strong access to the Centre, he will be the winner, either for political affairs, economy, law even though. The most votes are not a legislative guarantee of choice became the head of the area. The Center has the absolute power to determine the opposite although sound support. Conflicts often occur, regional centre but ended with the defeat of the area</p> Abd Rahman ##submission.copyrightStatement## Wed, 30 Nov 2016 00:00:00 +0000 BUSINESS HEALTHY IN COMPETITION OF PARTNERSHIP <p>The principles of economic democracy broke through the overall activities of the society and the State, which sectors of the economy who undertakes by the Constitution as the Foundation of the constitutional business activities in pursuit of national development goals, and is the nation's commitment to the partnership philosophy as well as for businessmen. Although the philosophy of partnership so ideal, but when economic growth is uneven, then it will cause the distance (social inequality) between the powerful rich with the small weak Agreement are build oligopoly if the offender attempts to make agreements with other businessmen to do production and mastery or marketing goods and or services that could result in a monopoly or competition is not healthy</p> Andi Tira ##submission.copyrightStatement## Wed, 30 Nov 2016 00:00:00 +0000 ANALYSIS IMPACT OF THE EXPANSION OF THE REGION AGAINST LOCAL COMMUNITY SOCIAL CONFLICT <p>Research entitled the influence of the expansion Area of the cultural values of society of West Sulawesi province aims to study the formation mechanism of the new autonomous region, as well as more healt not neglecting the terms that have been determined. and that is not less important is the readiness of the region concerned, both in aspects of the financing, human Resources and the credibility of the bureaucracy in the management of good governance and better. the other thing is to do the capacity of the public to control the performance of the Executive and the legislature which is especially representative of the people who tend to exploit the people. so that the spirit of the sea area bottom line is improving public services and rich people and does not pose a conflict of cultures really manifested in a more benevolent and wise. The method used is the guidance to the Government and society in General about the real purpose of the expansion area as well as coaching the community who are in conflict due to the expansion region.</p> Baso Madiong ##submission.copyrightStatement## Wed, 30 Nov 2016 00:00:00 +0000 ANALYSIS OF ECONOMIC GROWTH AND SHIFTING FIELD SECTOR EFFORTS IN THE CITY OF MAKASSAR <p>This research aims to know the influence of the shift towards growth sectors GRP Makassar city and to know the dominant business field sector affect economic growth (GDP) in the city of Makassar. The analysis of the data used is shift share analysis assumes that the growth of a region can be divided in three components of the factor. The results of this research show that the sector of the field the most superior in the city of Makassar trading sector is where the sector contributes the largest economy in the city of Makassar.</p> Hukma Ratu Purnama ##submission.copyrightStatement## Wed, 30 Nov 2016 00:00:00 +0000 THE AGREEMENT FOR THE RESULTS OF THE AGRICULTURAL LAND IN THE INDIGENOUS PERSPECTIVE OF GORONTALO <p>The agreement for the results of the agricultural land in Indonesia, it is a custom, not affected by globalization that prioritizes a written document. This custom interesting to be listened to with a focus on description form, contents and implementation.</p> <p>The study of this nature is a socio legal research using an approach of philosophical sociology and law, who viewed the practice of overriding high society, while the primary data source is the custom figures as informants and the secondary data source is legislation, literature and research results. The data collected is analyzed using qualitative techniques.</p> <p>The results showed that: the agreements for agricultural land results in Gorontalo, between landowners and tenants are conducted orally, in which the rights and obligations of each party, the risks, the length of time, and forms the Division results depend on both sides negotiating with upholding the values of trust, honesty, sense of community and tradition. As for how the Division according to the custom are: (a) the seasonal crops such as maize, the landowner has a third section while the tenants enjoy the accounting section; (b) the perennials such as bananas, the respective parties (owners and tenants) got equal parts namely ½ part; (c) the annual plants such as coconut, accounting (2/3) is part of the rights of landowners, while tenants obtain one third (1/3), parts.</p> Johan Jasin ##submission.copyrightStatement## Wed, 30 Nov 2016 00:00:00 +0000 THE OPAQUE PORTRAIT OF CORRUPTION ERADICATION <p>The war against corruption should not only by exposing the various cases of corruption, but the most important thing is to punish the corrupt in an extraordinary way to have a deterrent effect and not replicable by potential criminals that have been queued. Corruption is more structured and systematic, from the center to the regions. In fact, gave birth to a new generation of fat accounts with the discovery of a number of civil servants who are still young. Stop the robbery of money the state cannot just with rhetoric, let alone just a call that seemed hot chicken droppings. Blurred portrait of corruption is characterized by a large number of cases the defendant is acquitted of corruption Anticorruption Court. Similarly, many major cases involving alleged power elite and the ruling political party that is not completed, such as the Bank Century case, the case Hambalang project, as well as allegations of corruption Pensions SEA Games athletes</p> Marwan Mas ##submission.copyrightStatement## Wed, 30 Nov 2016 00:00:00 +0000 KEEPING THE NATION'S ASSETS THROUGH THE LEGAL PROTECTION OF COPYRIGHT WORKS OF CULTURE <p>Indonesia positioned copyright art and culture based on its strength as a nation or community rights over an Alliance grouping of the society which can give the effect of distortions in its protection. Which institution can be megurus and oversee the interests between countriesCultivate ideas/ideas in the fields of art, literature and science in the context of intellectual property rights (HKI) categorized into areas of HKI named Copyright (Copyright). The scope of the rights provided for the protection of copyright in the context of this very broad following elements known in several countries. There is a different understanding about the copyright status of culture from both the substance of the right nor of the appreciation of the case which threatens foreign claims copyright over the culture of Indonesia</p> Zulkifli Makkawaru ##submission.copyrightStatement## Wed, 30 Nov 2016 00:00:00 +0000 IMPLEMENTATION OF THE POLICY OF REGIONAL EXPANSION IN NORTH MAMUJU REGENCY OF WEST SULAWESI <p>this study aims to: (1) Analyze and explain the stages of the implementation of the policy of regional expansion, and (2) analyze and explain the factors that support the implementation of the policy of regional expansion, in order to support national integration in North Mamuju Regency of West Sulawesi Province.</p> <p>This research is a kind of exploratory research using qualitative analysis approach. Data collection carried through; observation, interviews, and documents. Informant research include; Assistant I, II, III, Assistant to the Preparatory Committee the establishment of district (PPPK), head of the Central Bureau of statistics, the head of the Agency for the unity of the nation, the head of the Office library, Archives, and documents, the head of the Department of organization and Personnel, the head of the General section of the Secretariat of the Parliament, members of Religious Communication Forum (FKUB), the leadership of Dharma Wanita, professors, students, and community leaders. While the data analysis done in a descriptive qualitative. Technique of data analysis is interactive analysis: Data collection, (2) Data reduction, (3) Data Display, and (4) the Conclusion/verification. This is intended to give description in a systematic, factual and actual against objects that are examined. Research results show that; (1) the policy implementation stages of the extraction region North Mamuju Regency has been implemented in accordance with the legislation governing the extraction of such areas; the establishment of local governance devices, preparation of the vision and mission, the preparation of regional development strategies, and preparation of the regional development programs, and the factors that support the implementation of regional expansion policy is the existence of natural resources, capital investment (investment), infrastructure, transport and communications, openness toward outsiders, and support public (community)</p> Syamsuddin Maldun ##submission.copyrightStatement## Wed, 30 Nov 2016 00:00:00 +0000 THE PENALTY FOR THE CORRUPTOR IN THE SOCIOLOGICAL PERSFEKTIF <p>Sociological perfective in the many offer social sanctions can be applied in corrupt behavior result. The idea of social sanctions was proposed as a reaction against the growing number of corrupt behavior difficult resolved only through national and international legal instruments. It is time the exact type of sanctions was found to tackle corrupt behavior that are already classified as extraordinary crimes. Some ideas proposed as social sanctions to eradicate corrupt behavior i.e. criminal sanctions established on the basis of social stratification,&nbsp; hint herself and family corruptor, no corpse prayer corruptor before is no guarantee of the financial returns of the State by the family of the perpetrator, serving in the corruptor's face television and penalties for disseminating the corruptor after death and as sanctions ultimatum remedied every corruptor will be charged all his deeds before God after death.</p> Syamsul Haling ##submission.copyrightStatement## Wed, 30 Nov 2016 00:00:00 +0000